Ithaca College Graduation - 2004
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The American Council on Education appoints a Committee on Academic Costumes and Ceremonies. In 1986, the committee updated the code and added a sentence clarifying the use of the color dark blue for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. The Code of Academic Regalia outlines the shape and color of academic regalia. The robe should be black in color with trimming in the color of the advanced degree (Ph.D.s wear dark blue trim, Doctorates in Music wear pink trim, and light blue trim for a Doctorate in Education.). Additional edging is in the color of the discipline (Science is represented by Gold. See the list below for more colors associated with different disciplines.). The academic hood has colors representing the institution that awarded the advanced degree. Some schools have created their own special, colored robes (use the pulldown menu below to see robes that deviate from the Code of Academic Regalia). DSCN0890 DSCN0893
  The Physics Faculty: (L to R) Bruce Thompson, Dan Briotta, Beth Ellen Clark Joseph, Michael "Bodhi" Rogers, Luke Keller
Matt Hodgson with the Physics Faculty at the Humanities &Sciences's Reception

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Matrika Bhattarai with Bruce Thompson and Dan Briotta


Jason Addams chatting with a fellow graduate at the Humanities &Sciences's Reception

Agriculture MaizeMusic Pink
Arts, Communication, Letters, Humanities WhiteNursing Apricot
Commerce, Accountancy, Business DrabOratory (Speech) Silver Gray
Dentistry LilacPharmacy Olive Green
Economics CopperPhilosophy Dark Blue
Education Light BluePhysical Education Sage Green
Engineering OrangePublic Administration, including Foreign Service Peacock Blue
Fine Arts, including Architecture BrownPublic Health Salmon Pink
Forestry RussetScience Golden Yellow
Journalism CrimsonSocial Work Citron
Law PurpleTheology Scarlet
Library Science LemonVeterinary Science Gray
Medicine Green
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