Commencement 2007
Professor Michael "Bodhi" Rogers, Physics Graduate Kris Georgiev, and Ithaca College Photographer Gary Gold

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Kris and his mom at the Commencement Eve Concert The Commencement Eve Concert Another shot of the concert
Commencement-070520-004 Commencement-070520-005 Commencement-070520-006
The Commencement Eve Fireworks Kris Georgiev's Parents in front of the fountain Kris and his mom
Commencement-070520-007 Commencement-070520-008 Commencement-070520-009
Kris and his dad Bodhi attends the Board of Trustees pre-commencement breakfast as the new faculty trustee: Photographer: Gary Gold Ithaca College has special academic regalia for the Trustees: Photographer: Gary Gold