IC-Physics Fall 2003 Picnic
Photographs by Beth Clark Joseph and Michael Rogers
PA030279 PA030280 PA030281
Professor Michael Rogers (on the left) managing the grill, while the hungry horde waits. Part of the hungry horde: from left: Students Nate Newton, Jay Schuren, and Lecturer Britt Scharringhausen Left to Right: Physics Student Sameer Garg , Music Major Liz Cary, and physics major Greg Shear
PA030282 PA030283 PA030284
L to R: Physics students Alex Williamson, Matt Spargue, Natalie Burek, and Sweta Shah L to R: Freshman Tay Lin, Professor Bruce Thompson, Katie Thompson, and Sophomore David Whelan L to R: Rishi Gupta, Professor Luke Keller, Kevin, Dept. Chair Dan Briotta, Professor Michael Rogers, and Robbie Briotta
PA030285 PA030286 PA030289
L to R: Jonathan Joseph, and physics students Nate Newton, David Drollette, and Kevin ? The Women in Physics: Natalie Burek, Britt Scharringhausen, Beth Clark Joseph, and Sweta Shah The Picnic Gang
PA030291 PA030292 PA030294
L to R: Nate Newton, Beth (with a grilled zucchini), and Matt Hodgson L to R: Matrika Bhattarai, Sweta Shah, Rishi Gupta, and Natalie Burek Playing Hneftafl (a 9th Century Scandinavian Board Game)
PA030295 PA030296  
Matt Hodgson and David Drollette Lucifer Falls

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