IC-Physics Peter Seligmann Award Ceremony-2003 (The Zeroth Spring Banquet)
Photographs by IC-Physics Professor Michael Rogers
Fall 2003
P9160188 P9160189 P9160190 P9160192
Dan Briotta talking about working with Peter Seligmann P9160189.jpg P9160190.jpg P9160192.jpg
P9160193 P9160195 P9160199 P9160202
P9160193.jpg P9160195.jpg Dan introducing the receipient plaque Phil accepting his award
P9160204 P9160205 P9160206 P9160208
P9160204.jpg P9160205.jpg P9160206.jpg P9160208.jpg
P9160210 P9160211 P9160212 P9160214
P9160210.jpg P9160211.jpg P9160212.jpg P9160214.jpg

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