Ithaca College Physics Alumni

Daniel Bradac BA Physics

Daniel Bradac
Casey Byrne BS Physics

Casey Byrne
Phil Davidowsky BA Physics

Phil Davidowsky
Caitlin Davis BA Mathematics-Physics

Caitlin Davis
Brian Egerer BA Physics

Brian Egerer
Joseph Engelbrecht BA Physics

Joseph Engelbrecht
Heather Hill BS Physics, BM Percussion

Heather Hill
Rob Lewis BS Physics

Rob Lewis
Zach Matuszak BA Physics

Zach Matuszak
Jodi-Ann McLean BS Physics, BA Chemistry

Jodi-Ann McLean
Caleb McWhorter BA Physics, BA Mathematics

Caleb McWhorter
James Munro BS Physics

James Munro
Aleander Viola BS Physics

Alexander Viola
Spence Weigold BA Physics

Spencer Weigold
Joyce Wu BS Physics

Joyce Wu
Benjamin Ades-Aron BA Physics

Benjamin Ades=Aron
Emily Backus BA Physics, BS Accounting

Emily Backus
Andrew Hope BS Physics

Andrew Hope
Ryan Jefferis BA Physics

Ryan Jefferis
Steven Kiekel BA Physics

Steven Kiekel
Tori Roberts BA Mathematics-Physics

Tori Roberts
Vince Whitney BA Physics

Vince Whitney
Neal Applebee 3-2 Engineering

Neal Applebee
Douglas Blackmer 3-2 Engineering

  Doug Blackmer
Taylor Boyd BA-Physics

Taylor Boyd
Sarah Burleson BS-Physics

Sarah Burleson
Kevin Harper BA-Physics, BM-Music

Kevin Harper
Kevin Hurley BS-Physics

Kevin Hurley
Adam Iaizzi BS-Physics

Adam IaizziAdam Iaizzi
Katherine Kwasny BA-Physics

Katy Kwasny
Jill Neeley BA-Math-Physics

Jill Neeley
Judith Olson BS-Physics

Judith Olson
Nathan Porter BS-Physics

Nathan Porter
Chris Stathis BS-Physics

Chris Stathis
Vince Whitney BA-Physics

Vince Whitney
Caitlin Ahearn BS-Physics

Caitlin Ahearn
Preston Barrows BS-Physics

Preston Barrows
Kevin Geidel BS-Physics

Kevin Geidel
Megan Groll BA-Physics, BA-Mathematics

Megan Groll
Rebecca Grollman BA-Physics, BA-Anthropology

Rebecca Grollman
Jordan Hyatt BA-Physics
 Lt. U.S. Army, Fire Support Officer Jordan HyattJordan Hyatt
Romaine Issacs BA-Physics
Pursuing a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland
Romaine Issacs
Arnold Kotlyarevsky BA-Physics

Arnold Kotlyarevsky
Blaine Laughlin 3-2 Engineering

Blaine Laughlin
Nicholas Neuman BA-Physics

Nick Neuman
Andrew Ryan BA-Physics

Andrew Ryan
Charles Simkin BA-Physics

Charlie Simkin
Arthur Chao BA-Physics
Employer Pico Quantitative Trading
Work Title Data/Quantitative Associate
Earned a Masters of Engineering from Cornell University in 2010

Moved from the DC Metro area to the NYC metro area for a new job as a Data/Quant Analyst at a startup (Pico) dealing with low latency trading. Original job was a Data Analyst at Capital One in McLean, which was obtained as my first job out of school.

Arthur Chao
Steven Dylag BA-Physics-Teaching

  Steven Dylag
Reuben Gergan 3-2 Engineering

Reuben Gergan
Melissa Gilbert 3-2 Engineering

Melissa GilbertMelissa Gilbert
Rhea Hanrahan BS-Physics

Rhea Hanrahan
Colin Howard BS-Physics
Currently pursuing Ph.D. in Physics at Boston University

Over the summer Maria and I got engaged!!!! Also, my second publication (aside from the compost work with Caitlin) will soon be featured in PRL.

Colin Howard
Daniel R. Jimenez BA-Math-Physics

Daniel Jimenez
Justin Sousa BS-Physics

Grad Degree(s): M.S. Mechanical Engineering: Pursuing: UMass-Lowell As of 2011-06-27 19:25:48:
Justin Sousa
Charlie Strehlow BS-Physics
Currenlty pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics at Iowa State University
Charlie Strehlow
Nik Batruch BA-Physics 2008

Nirbhik Chitrakar BS-Physics 2008

Chad Conley BA-Physics 20087

George DeBeck V 2008
Home E-mail:

Grad Degree(s): Ph.D: Pursuing: Oregon State University;

As of Mon Apr 6 16:33:48 2009:

Reuben Gergan 3-2 Engineering 2008

Rueben Gergan
Maria Gonzalez BA-Physics 2008

James Grandner BA-Physics 2008

Grad Degree(s): MAT: Pursuing: Ithaca College;
Company: Robert Danberg
Position: AES Tutor
As of Mon Mar 16 13:15:04 2009:

Brendan Pratt BA-Physics 2008
Home E-mail:

Company: Norlite Corporation
Position: Labratory Analyst
As of Tue Jun 30 13:04:13 2009: For the past 8 months, working at Norlite, a hazardous waste disposal facility, using the incineration of haz waste to produce energy. Now pursuing masters TBA.

Darius Romero BA-Physics 2008

Brandon Sforzo 3-2 Engineering 2008

Maksim Sipos BA-Physics 2008

Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): PhD: Pursuing: University of Illinois;

As of Wed Mar 25 13:53:19 2009: Started graduate school in August 2008, pursuing a PhD in physics.

Lia Stelljes BA-Physics 2008

Zach Brown BA-Physics 2007

Can Coler BA-Physics 2007

Grad Degree(s): MS in Materials Science and Enginering, Stanford University 2010

Currently an Application Engineer at Oracle

Kristiyan Georgiev BA-Physics 2007

Work E-mail:
Company: SIG
Position: Software Developer
As of Fri Oct 26 19:34:21 2007:

Adam Karnish BA-Physics 2007
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:

Company: United States Golf Association
Position: Coordinator of Course Rating and Handicap Administration
As of Mon Mar 16 14:25:23 2009:

Sanya Levi 3-2 Engineering 2007

Michael Pacelli BA-Physics 2007

Grad Degree(s): M.S.: Pursuing: Binghamton University;
As of Tue Aug 7 12:49:41 2007:

Nitin Rajan BA-Physics 2007

Marco Salvaggio BA-Physics 2007
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:

Company: Apple
Position: Genius
As of Mon Mar 16 21:51:32 2009:

Sweta Shah BA-Physics 2007
Home E-mail:

Grad Degree(s): MSc.: Pursuing: Leiden University;

As of Mon Mar 16 13:59:00 2009:

Tayza Yeelin BA-Physics 2007

Scott Boyd BA-Physics 2006

Bradley Egan BA-Physics 2006

Grad Degree(s): MS: Pursuing: Northeastern University;

As of Tue Jan 16 12:03:21 2007:

Kevin Faehndrich BA-Physics 2006
President of Upstate Wine Company, Ithaca, NY

I started Upstate Wine Company in Ithaca, NY. Upstate Wine wholesales Finger Lakes wine to restaurants in the NYC market. This past year we were recognized as NYS Distributor of the Year. Recently, I was voted onto the board of directors of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation. The NYWGF exists for the promotion and protection of grape growers and the wine industry throughout NYS.

Richard Levengood BA-Physics 2006

Kyle McMann 3-2 Engineering 2006

Greg Shear BA-Physics 2006
Home E-mail:

Grad Degree(s): MS: Pursuing: UCSB;

As of Mon Jun 30 02:01:22 2008: Recently started a grad program at UC Santa Barbara for electrical engineering and electronic music. Playing in a band. SoCal is a- okay.

Michael Stark BA-Physics 2006

Dan Varney BA-Physics 2006

Jason Aiken BA-Physics 2005
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): M.A.: Pursuing: Florida International University;

Company: Broward County Public Schools
Position: Math Teacher
As of Wed Oct 24 23:19:12 2007:

Natalie Burek BA-Physics_Teaching 2005

David Drollette () 2005
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:

Company: CSN Stores
Position: Business Intelligence Manager - Web Analytics
As of Wed Aug 20 10:00:19 2008:

Sameer Garg BA-Physics 2005

Company: Google Inc
Position: Data Center Technician
As of Mon Aug 1 11:04:19 2005:

Eric Leibensperger BA-Physics 2005

E-mail Webpage Employer MIT Work Title Postdoctoral Associate
Grad Degree(s): PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate from Harvard University 2011

Nate Newton BA-Physics 2005

Jay Schuren 3-2 Engineering 2005

Matthew Sprague BA-Physics 2005

Grad Degree(s): Ph.D.: Pursuing: California Institute of Technology;

As of Thu Apr 28 14:34:08 2005: Graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry and a B.A. in Physics in May of 2005. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Caltech (expected 2010)

David Whelan BA-Physics 2005
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): PhD: Pursuing: University of Virginia;

Company: University of Virginia
Position: Graduate Student

Besides my research in star formation, I am also heavily involved with teaching and outreach. I taught my first full course (Intro. to Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe) this summer, I tutor student-athletes in astronomy and physics, and I helped found and continue to work with a program that brings astronomy to local elementary schools:
Alexander Williamson () BA-Physics 2005
Home E-mail:

Grad Degree(s): M.S.: 2007: Brandeis University;

Company: Global Energy Concepts
Position: Data Technician
As of Tue May 13 12:03:48 2008:

Jason Addams BA-Physics 2004

Matrika Bhattarai BA-Physics 2004
Home E-mail:

Grad Degree(s): MSEE: 2006: University of Pittsburgh;

Company: North American Lighting
Position: Optical Engineer
As of Wed Dec 27 19:26:39 2006: Recently I got my Master's and I am moving to Detroit for a new job. I will be designing optics for lighting systems in cars.

Matthew Hodgson BA-Physics 2004
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): M.E.M., B.E.: Pursuing: Dartmouth College;

As of Tue Apr 12 12:10:52 2005: This year I became very involved in the Dartmouth Formula Racing team through a two part project course here at Dartmouth. I am now in a leadership role on the team and will be the team leader for the upcoming year. We are planning a trip to England this summer to participate in the Formula Student competition and will also participate in the FSAE event this year in Detroit. (check out the team at I am curently pursuing two degrees, a B.E. in electrical engineering and a Master of Engineering Management. Also, my family recently moved to Phoenix and I have been traveling back and forth often to visit them.

Philip Slingerland BA-Physics 2004
Home E-mail: Philip_Slingerland@s
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): Ph.D.: Pursuing: University of Massachusetts at Lowell;

As of Wed Jul 11 10:54:50 2007:

Jamie Holaday (De Gregory) BA-Physics 2003
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): MS: 2004: Texas A&M University;

Company: Holaday Editorial Services
Position: Chief Editor
As of Mon Dec 1 18:59:45 2008: I recently started my own editorial business, working with scientists to edit papers or books for publication. I'm also expecting my first child in May 2009.

Evan Salim BA-Physics 2003

Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): PhD: 2009 Pursuing: University of Colorado;

Company: JILA
Position: Graduate Research Assistant
As of Wed Sep 21 22:31:29 2005: I am currently a graduate student and research assistant at JILA, working in the field of Atomic Physics, specifically cold atoms and Bose-Einstein Condensation. My group focus is BEC on a chip, using wires patterns lithographed onto the surface of chips to create trapping potentials to control and manipulate BECs. The ultimate goal is coherent "atom optics".

Keira (Josh) Saunders 2003
Sean Tully BA-Mathematics-Physics 2003
Home E-mail:

Grad Degree(s): MS: 2007: UCLA;

Company: Oakwood Worldwide
Position: Sales Operations Analyst
As of Sun Mar 29 16:24:32 2009: Soon to be getting back into the applications for Aerospace... good connections at SpaceX.

Dan Weaver BA-Physics 2003
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Doug Gagnon BA-Physics 2002
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): MAT: 2005: Cornell University;
Position: Physics Teacher
As of Fri Jun 9 04:41:11 2006: I am currently teaching physics at Massey High School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Dan Sudders BA-Physics 2002
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Travis Fullem BA-Physics 2001

Grad Degree(s): MSEE: 2003: Binghamton University;
MS: 2006: Binghamton University;
Ph. D.: 2008: Binghamton University
Company: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate
As of Tue Aug 26 09:06:43 2008: I recently finished my Ph.D.; the title of my dissertation was: "Characterization of the Heat Transfer Properties of Thermal Interface Materials". I am now a post doc in the nuclear engineering program at RPI.

Michelle Fura BA-Physics 2001

Information entered: 16 May 2001
Graduated in December 2000 with honors in the School of Humanities and Sciences.
Is working on a master's degree in electrical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Works as a reliability specialist for GE Corporate Research and Development in Niskayuna, NY.

Alicia Krikstone 3-2 Engineering 2001
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Bettina Arpin (Schimanski) BA-Physics 2001

Grad Degree(s): MS: 2004: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute;
PhD: 2006: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute;

Company: Sandia National Laboratories
Position: Senior Member of Technical Staff
As of Fri Sep 14 11:24:18 2007:

Chris Tennant BA-Physics 2001
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): M.S.: 2002: College of William & Mary;
Ph.D.: 2006: College of William & Mary;

Company: Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Position: Staff Scientist
As of Thu Oct 11 10:35:06 2007: - Married in summer 2001 - Received Ph.D. October 26, 2006 - Son (Jackson) born November 1, 2006 - New job started November 16, 2007

Matt Anderson BA-Physics 2000
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Louis Carusone BA-Physics 2000

Grad Degree(s): MS: 2005: St. John Fisher College;

Company: East Irondequoit Central School District
Position: Physics Teacher
As of April 15, 2011

Jonas Contakos BA-Physics 2000
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): MS: 2002 Pursuing: Syracuse University;
Company: City Lab
Position: Educator
As of Wed Jun 23 16:00:02 2004:

Donald McCann 3-2_Engineering 2000
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): Ph.D.: Pursuing: University of Maine;
Company: Sensor Research & Development
Position: Manager of Electronic Development
As of Fri Mar 11 11:23:26 2005: I am presently an EE in Orono, Maine and I will be starting my Ph.D. in the fall.

Gerhard Stoeckel BA-Physics 2000
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Matt Herron BA-Physics 1999
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Keith Jordan BA-Physics 1999
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): MS: 2004: Capella University
Company: Alcatel, USA
Position: Network Service Engineer
As of Wed Apr 6 22:28:42 2005: Married to a fellow Bomber on July 30, 2004.

Robert MacCurdy 3-2_Engineering 1999
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):
Company: Cornell University
Position: Electrical Engineer
As of Tue Apr 12 09:14:02 2005: I recently bought a house in Ithaca, and I adopted a Lab puppy a few months ago.

Bethany Kankelborg (Pattee) 3-2_Engineering 1999

Company: Westtek, LLC
Position: Software QA Manager
As of Tue Nov 18 20:18:34 2008: The most recent change I have to report is my marriage to Scott Kankelborg on Oct 25th, 2008 at Bear Creek Country Club in Woodinville, WA.

Matt Brown BA-Physics 1998
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Tywan Calhoun BA-Physics_Teaching 1998
Home E-mail:

As of Thu Aug 10 11:03:25 2006:

John Coppola BA-Physics 1998
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Scott Durkee BA-Physics 1998
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Dean Kobayashi BA-Physics 1998
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Matt Page 1998
Web Page:
As of Earned master's degree from MIT. Engineer for Crosskate in Northampton, MA

Stephen Parshley 3-2_Engineering 1998
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): :

Company: Cornell University
Position: Research Support Specialist
As of Fri Apr 16 16:23:55 2004: Just noticed you had some pretty dated info on me so I thought I'd update it...

John Schab 3-2_Engineering 1998
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): M.S.: 2001: Purdue University;
MBA: Pursuing: Indiana University;
M.S.: Pursuing: Indiana University
Company: Trideum Corporation
Position: Program Manager
As of Fri Sep 23 08:17:34 2005: Life's good. My education and experiences from Ithaca have continued to be a solid foundation for my career success. I currently run a government contracting company in Maryland supporting the US Army. I also spend time developing testing methodology for robotic systems to be used by our military and homeland security to fight terrorism. I'm looking at incorporating a new contracting company within the next year and desire to move into product development of robotic systems. Thanks again to the faculty that spent numerous hours trying to educate me. I think some of it actually sank in.

Michael Spudic BA-Physics 1998
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s)

Company: Fairfax County Public Schools
Position: Physics Teacher
As of Wed Feb 11 11:38:46 2004: Currently live in Northern Virginia with my wife, Lindsay.

Jonathan Whitehead BA-Physics 98
Home E-mail:

Company: Westbrook High School
Position: High School Physics Teacher
As of Sun Nov 27 07:34:11 2005: My wife Beth (an Ithaca PT) and I live in Portland, Maine and have a 7 month old named Darcy.

Nathan Wilmot 3-2_Engineering 1998
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): : Pursuing: University of Michigan and Purdue;

Company: General Motors
Position: Vehicle Integration Engineer
As of Tue Jun 15 11:15:49 2004:

Michael Bleech BA-Physics 1997
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

John Morehouse BA-Physics 1997
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Steve Paul BA-Physics 1997
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Brett Woodford BA-Physics 1997
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Dave Pocengal 1996
Garrett Rueblemann 1996
Web Page:
As of 08-JUL-97: Works as a software engineer for Lockheed Martin Corporation in the Washington, D.C. area.

Guy Cocuzzo 1995
Fred Grieco BA-Physics 1995
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): BS: 1995: Cornell University;
MBA: Pursuing: UA Tech;

Company: Investment Company Institute
Position: Systems Administrator
As of Wed Jun 9 16:28:20 2004:

Steve Policastro 1995
Web Page:
As of 01-JUL-00: Plans to enter PhD program in engineering physics at Univ. of Virginia

Ray Schmalzl 1995
Web Page:
As of ??-???-??: Currently working for Raytheon in the Dallas, Texas area as a test engineer, designing tests for electronic circuit cards.

J.J. Schmidt 1995
Web Page:
As of ??-NOV-96:

Megan Siesennop 1995
Web Page:
As of ??-JUL-00: Earned a master's in economics from U Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Works at the Urban Institute in DC. Plans to take a 55 day canoe trip in the arctic during summer of 2000

John Benner 1994
Mike Bozosi 1994
Michele Garguilo 1994
Matthew Herrick 3-2_Engineering 1994
Home E-mail: matthew.herrick@freescale .com

As of Thu Oct 13 17:35:10 2005:

Sandy Khaund 1994
Web Page:
As of ??-???-??:

Steve Mathias 1994
Web Page:
As of ??-???-??: Steve is currently in San Jose, working as a Field Application Engineer for Intel.

Allison Treble Matusz 1994
Web Page:
As of 08-MAR-00: Allison is currently living in Rochester and works as a math/science teacher consultant for Monroe #1 BOCES in Fairport. Received her masters in science education at University at Buffalo.

Lisa Riker BA-Mathematics-Physics 1994

Work E-mail:
Grad Degree(s): MS: 2004: Bard College;
Company: The Hewitt School
Position: Mathematics Department Chair
As of Wed Jun 21 20:22:19 2006: I am currently the Mathematics Department Chair at The Hewitt School, an all-girls K-12 independent school on the Upper East Side in New York.

Michael Roth 1994
Web Page:
As of 08-JUL-97: Works as a systems analyst for Goldman Sachs in New York City.

Michael Costanza 3-2_Engineering 1993
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail: michael.costanza@techdirt .com

Grad Degree(s): MEng: 1995: Cornell University;

Company: Techdirt Inc.
Position: Executive Director of Technology
As of Mon Jun 30 09:14:12 2008: After getting my MEng in Electrical Engineering from Cornell in 1995, I moved out to California to work for Intel. In 1999 I left Intel to work at mySimon, which was then acquired by CNET Networks, where I became a Director of Software Engineering. Got married in 2003, left CNET and California in 2004, moved back to NY, and started working for Techdirt. My wife and I and our son (born in 2007) are planning on moving back to California by the end of summer, 2008.

Dan Cail 1993
Greg McCullough 1993
Marty Piorkowski 1993
Web Page:
As of ??-SEP-97: Completed BS Electrical Engineering, CornellUniversity and Masters of Electrical Engineering at RIT. Currently working for Intel in Arizona.

Joe Scutero 1993
Web Page:
As of 08-MAR-00: Senior Engineer at Qualcomm Inc., 6150 LookoutRd., Boulder, CO 80026.

Anne Maloney (Szydlik) 1993
Keith Volmar BA-Physics 1993
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): MD: : SUNY Buffalo;
: : Johns Hopkins Residency;
: : Duke Fellowship
Company: UNC-Chapel Hill
Position: Assistant Professor
As of Fri May 4 21:57:24 2007: I'm a pathologist at UNC, mostly working on pancreatic and bone tumors.

Todd Moore 1992
Jon Paul 1992
Scott Sherman 1992
Kick Wallace 1992
Web Page:
As of ??-JUL-97: Completing PhD in applied physics at Washington University.

Ted Brandt 1991
Ben Clark 1991
Web Page:
As of ??-NOV-96: BA from IC and BS in Engineering Physics from Cornell University - 1991. Works in the C.H.E.S.S. group at the Wilson Lab at Cornell.

Jim Collias BA-Physics 1991
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:
Web Page:

Company: Zylight LLC
Position: Engineering Director
As of Tue Jan 22 17:09:29 2008: Married Nancy Niguidula (IC Biochem '92), living in Oregon with kid and dog. Founded Zylight in 2004.

Andy Lewis 1991
Alan Minmin Lin 1991
Web Page:
As of ??-JUL-99: Born in Shanghai, China. Transfered to Ithaca College as a junior in August 1989 from Fudan University in Shanghai. Majored in physics. Graduated in May 1991 with honors. Completed graduate study at the University of Southern California. Graduated in December 1992 with a Master of Science degree in computer engineering. Now works at First Quadrant L.P., an institutional money management firm in Pasadena, California.

Jonathan Malarkey 1991
Web Page:
As of ??-JUL-01:

Mark Meloni 1991
Web Page:
As of 27-JUL-00: Recieved PhD from Arizona State

Joe Sever 1991
Kerry Thompson (Andrews) BA-Physics_Teaching 1991
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail: Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): MA: 1993: Mankato State University, Mankato, Minnesota;

Company: Lamar Community College
Position: adjunct instructor
As of Tue Oct 9 22:31:53 2007: After spending 11 years teaching physics and math at international schools in the Philippines, Turkey, Japan and Latvia, my family and I moved back to the US in August of 2006. My husband is the new educational outreach coordinator for the Pierre Auger Observatory that is proposed for south eastern Colorado, and I teach part time at the community college. We have a 4 year daughter and a second child on the way.

Peggy Weidner 1991
Saskia DeWinter 1990
Rob Groff 1990
Erik Herrmann 1990
Web Page:
As of ??-JAN-03: Works for Medtronix and Lives in Scottsdale, AZ

Todd Lamb 1990
Glenn Armitage 1989
Jocelyn Lowe (Avedisian ) 1989
Jackie Horton (Coir ) 1989
Matt Herbst 1989
Esther-Ann Melcer (Lewis) 1989
Ray Mint 1989
Patti Motheral (Stefura) BA-Physics 1989
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):
Company: Intermec Technologies
Position: Business Process Analyst
As of Mon Jan 12 11:29:43 2004: Married with one 6 yearold boy and another boy on the way.

Eric Randler BA-Physics 1989
Home E-mail:

Company: US Government

As of Sun May 17 22:36:02 2009:

Alisa Marciniak (Spaulding) BA-Physics 1989
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):
As of Mon Jan 12 11:29:43 2004:

John Anderson 1988
Web Page:
As of 07-MAR-00: Married to Susan for 9 years. Three children. Nick is 7 yrs. old. Renee is 4 and Michelle is 7 months. Teaches physics at Vestal High School (3 regent classes and 1 advanced placement class). Varsity baseball coach and varsity assistant football coach.

Ken Berger 1988
J.B. Chupick 1988
Betsy Kraft (Granger ) 1988
Elizabeth Kraft 1988
Sharon Powell (Hunter) BA-Physics 1988

As of Tue Jun 15 11:12:01 2004: For 8 years, I worked as an Instrumentation & Control Engineer on Nuclear Power Plants and then changed course to better facilitate having a family. I worked for a local Girl Scout Council as an Outdoor Program and Property Manager. At this time, I plan on staying home with my children at least until they are in school.

John Stafford BA-Physics 1988
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Jerry Walker 1988
Web Page:
As of 08-JUL-97: Management & Data Systems, Lockheed Martin Corporation, P.O. Box 8048, Philadelphia, PA 19101, Phone: 610-531-7957.

Elias Keshishoglou 1987
Web Page:
As of : Currently: Director of Software and Co-Founder of Cobalt Microservers Inc., Mt. View, CA.
Wife Linda, son Jonathan.

Brendan Madden 3-2 Engineering 1987
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): : : Arizona State University;
Company: Tom Sawyer Software
Position: Chief Executive Officer
As of Wed Feb 18 18:34:23 2004: I have founded and run a software company named Tom Sawyer Software since 1991, and our company is now located in Oakland, California. I was recently married in late 2002.

Tom Martin 1987
Anne Morton 1987
Dave Silverstein 1987
Web Page:
As of 08-JUL-97: Manager, Quality Engineering, Seagate Technology,2505 Trade Centre Avenue, Longmont, CO 80503, Phone: 303 684-1250.

Beth Bailey (Sommers) 1986
Kathy Bentzel (Sinda) 1986
Larry Colagiovanni 1986
Tim Delvecchio 1986
Matt Dubois 1986
Felton Flood BA-Mathematics-Physics 1986
Home E-mail:
Grad Degree(s): MS: 1990: Univeristy at Buffalo;
PhD: 1996: SUNY Buffalo
Company: QNA
Position: Sr. Scientist
As of Sat Sep 19 23:35:13 2009:

Randi Dessingue (Frank ) 1986
Jarry Goodenough 1986
Lloyd Robinson 1986
Ed Shilling 1986
Joe Terregrossa 1986
Web Page:
As of 15-DEC-99: Currently working for dQdt, a part of the Mentor Graphics Company, on digital design projects using VHDL, primarily Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

Doug Weitzel 1986
Eric Bennett 1985
Web Page:
As of ??-JUL-97: Completing PhD in physics.

Gerald Bush BA-Physics 1985
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:

Grad Degree(s): MS: 1993: Steven's Institute of Technology;

Company: General Dynamics C4 Systems
Position: Software Engineer
As of Thu Oct 4 20:12:58 2007:

John Kingsley 1985
Sue Padilla (MacDonald) 1985
Thomas Martin 1985
Jerry Parton 1985
Andy Taylor BA-Physics 1985
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s):

Mike Dailey 1984
Don Eager 1984
Web Page:
As of ??-???-??: Manager of Software Development at Dictaphone Corporation. Don Eager, Dictaphone Corporation, 3191 Broadbridge Ave., Stratford, CT 06497, Phone: (203) 381-4512

Scott Kliphon 1984
George McLean 1984
Mike McVey 1984
Mark Peterson 1984
Michael Sengstaken BA-Physics 1984
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): : : Poly Technical Institute
Company: IDetect, Inc.
Position: CEO
As of Sun Jul 18 21:26:34 2004: Recently sold my first company which was involved in Health Club Management, now own an ID Validation company that caters to office buildings, government installations, bars and night clubs.

Brad Smith 1984
Web Page:
As of ??-JUL-97: Completed Master's Degree in Imaging Science from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1997.Manager for laser color printer development at Xerox in Rochester, NY.

Doug Wilson BA-Physics 1984
Web Page:
Grad Degree(s): MS: 1985: Cornell University
As of Sat Nov 8 16:30:50 2003:

Jim Brett 1983
Amy (Burns) Striegel 1983
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As of 17 January 2001: MS - Operations Research, Columbia University, 1987. Senior Technical Staff Member, AT & T Laboratories

Ray Jerome 1982
Dan Ludwig 1982
Rob Platt 1982
Eric Jawitz 1981
Eric Rancha 1981
Orilee Ireland-Delfs BA-Physics 1980

Company: Xerox Corporation / Xerox Global Services
As of Tue Jun 15 11:06:49 2004:

Tine Rose (Garsen) 1980
Christine Check 1979
Steve Ludwig 1979
Edward Blum 1978
Scott Chapman 1978
Duncan Jones BA-Physics 78
Company: Barclays Capital
Position: Manager
As of Fri May 21 22:25:02 2004: Married 1991; Twin Boys, aged 10; Work in Derivative Products technology. Would love to hear from anybody!!!

David McKeehan 1978
Paul Mueller BA-Physics 1978
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Grad Degree(s): :
As of Fri Jul 23 16:47:33 2004:

Ed Roth 1978
Andy Ballin 1977
Christine Mary Karnes BA-Physics 1977
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Grad Degree(s): : 1979: Drexel University;
Position: retired / work at home mom
As of Wed Jun 23 16:04:09 2004: Retired in 1990 after working at Air Products & Chemicals as sales engineer and industrial/commercial real estate.

Bill Shepard 1977
Ron Angerame 1976
Todd Swanzey 1976
Michael Ballard BA-Physics 1975
Home E-mail: mballard1@staffordschools .net
Work E-mail: mballard1@staffordschools .net
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Grad Degree(s): MS: 1986: The George Washington Universtiy;
Engineer: 1989: MIT;
Ph.D.: 2005: George Mason University
Company: Stafford County Public Schools
Position: Technology Supervisor - Planning, Budgeting and Program Management
As of Thu Jun 7 20:05:16 2007: I'm back in school, pursuing credits for licensure in school supervision and leadership.

Doug Corzett 1975
Andy Keller 1975
Jim Hagin BA-Physics 1974
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Grad Degree(s): MS: 1982: West Coast University
Company: My Wife Joy
Position: Housewife/Househusband
As of Sun Oct 31 00:40:13 2004: Went from IC to Officer In Nuclear Navy Submarine Force to Engineer at General Dynamics and at present I'm a Homemaker raising our 6 year old daughter which is the most rewarding job I have ever had.

Alan Hartman 1974
Robert Huntsinger 1973
Dave Riehl BA in Physics 1973
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As of ??-OCT-77: MS in physics from University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign.Address: 26134 Nicole Drive, Corvallis, OR 97333. Project Manager in Ink Jet Manufacturing.Hewlett Packard, Corvallis, Oregon

David Bell 1972
Pamela Schiz (Arnold) 1972
Peter Giansante 1971
Joseph Puretz 1971
Eric Muller 1969
Jane Kincaid (Dowling) 1968
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